Friday, 14 July 2017

Box-o-burger’s special offering- Indian burgers

At Box-o-burger you could find best alternative for foods, varieties of nutritious fast food items made by using natural vegetables are flavourful and good for health as well. It is our mission to offer toothsome, healthy and quality foods for our customers. Box-o-burger’s burger are produced with all food and safety standards, do not contain meat or any animal derived ingredient. Foods preparation methods are highly hygiene because we care for you and your family. We are aiming to develop a healthy planet to live in. Fast foodservice chain sector is expanding rapidly at 7% in FY2015-16. Box-o-burger which is an Indore based brand has done tremendous work to prepare quality and distinguished Indian burgers. Varieties of burgers exclusively available at Box-o-burger, for example:
Aloo tikki burger     
Vegan burgers offer at Box-o-burger do not contain meat. We are advocating healthy food products to build a strong body. Aloo tikki burger is perfect dish to be consumed at any time of the day. It is easy to make those who didn’t like western burgers, will infusion of western with Indian ingredients.
Tandoori Paneer Burger
Paneer is consumed by everyone; it is milk-derived product.  Tandoori Paneer burger is especially available delicious burger at Box-o-burger. It is tasty, mouth watering and also good for health. Indian customer-inspired Tandoori Paneer burger is firing up the whole atmosphere.
Chowpati burger
It is an innovative product that gives a twist to our tongue. Chowpati burger is combination of locally sourced ingredients to create best customer experience.
Szechwan burger
Szechwan is good for health; particularly for people who are suffering from digestion problem Szechwan is effective. Szechwan burger is prepared to make our customer health good.
These are Indian burger offered by leading burger franchise with great acclaim. If you want to start low cost business then Box-o-burger’s franchise is the right selection to earn good profit.

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